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Wood Stain Specialist San Diego


Are you looking for a Wood Stain Specialist San Diego? We can help! When it comes to creating beautiful wood finishes in your home or around your yard consider using a Wood Stain Specialist San Diego. Because

Exterior House Painting San Diego


Exterior House Painting San Diego While most people can take on an interior painting project, exterior house painting projects can be much more dangerous and difficult. When it's time to consider exterior house painting in

8 Reasons You Need Primer Over Paint


8 questions about the need for primer over paint  These are questions about primer over paint that we get asked over and over again: Q - How can I tell if my existing paint is water base

Oil or Water Base Paint? How do I know?


How many times have you been ready to paint something and you wonder "Is the paint that is already on here oil base or water base paint? How can you tell the difference? Well, there

Venetian Plaster


Venetian Plaster is a cool finish for your home. We use Texston. (http://www.texston.com/) Texston is actually ground up Italian marble and lays out like granite after we burnish it. This type of wall finish has