Halloween is over so why does your front door still look like it’s still waiting for trick or treaters? Give yourself some curb appeal with new paint on your front door. Let potential guests know that you take pride in your home. Let us help cover up those dings and scratches on your front door so it looks like new again! We’ll match our paints to any of the colors currently used on the exterior of your house so no one will even know we were there.

What Color Should You Paint The Front Door?

There are so many different ways to paint your front door out there. No matter what you decide to go with it will be a great addition to your home. Whether it’s bright colors or a classic black which absorbs light and makes everything seem more welcoming; these options can change the entire look and feel from drab into exciting!

You might think that you have to choose a bold, bright color for your front door but the right paint can also create an elegant look. Typically a high-quality gloss paint is best. For example, if your home is already white or grey then finding matching colors isn’t too hard because these colors go well together without being overpowering in contrast.¬†

Things To Consider When Choosing To Paint The Front Door

  1. Before you pick the perfect color for your front door, take into consideration what’s already in your home’s design-the siding trim and shutters. You’ll want something that creates a cohesive look with these other elements; otherwise, it will be easy to get distracted by one thing while looking at another!
  2. It’s important to sample your options before you decide on one. Take a walk across the street and see how it looks from their perspective as well!
  3. Preparing your door for paint is an important step in getting the best results. Wipe it down with a degreasing cleaner first, then rinse and let dry before lightly sanding any areas that need more work if necessary. Finally – because you know how much time this can save!- use some painter’s tape or masking paper to cover anything on top of your panels outside (this will help avoid overspray).
  4. Picking a time to paint your door can make all the difference in drying speed. Morning or afternoon, painting when it’s warm and dry is ideal for getting that smooth finish!
  5. Begin the process by using an angled brush in recessed spots or areas with a lot of detail. Use your choice on all remaining areas and make sure it’s wet while making strokes because this will help avoid streaks!

With these simple tips, you’ll get the front door your house deserves.
Or if you find you don’t have the time, call the professionals at Local San Diego Painting¬†(619) 586-5683