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Traditional gray concrete, whether in your business or your home’s driveway, is not as attractive or long-lasting as it could be. We can help provide the color and finish your concrete needs to be a statement piece that uplifts your space with expert concrete coating in San Diego. We pay attention to detail and only use the highest quality products, so the job gets done right. We have ten years of experience going above and beyond when our customers want to improve the look of their concrete.

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Concrete Preparation

Just like with other painting projects, preparation is the key to success. An unprepared surface might still absorb the paint, but it’ll be more likely to crack and won’t last over time. 

Our concrete coating preparation includes:

  • Porosity test: This may happen multiple times throughout preparation to determine when your concrete is ready for paint. When water is sprayed on the concrete, it should absorb quickly. If it beads, the surface needs to be ground before application, and if there’s a rainbow sheen, there’s leftover oil, and the area must be degreased.
  • Diamond grinding: This is when the area is leveled to create a smooth surface ready for paint. Grinding removes debris, stains, and any previous sealer, so the floor is prepared. Then the area will be cleaned thoroughly before it’s painted.
  • Choose the coating: There are various options for concrete paint. Not only are there multiple color and hue options, but you can also choose from an epoxy-based or masonry paint, depending on the function of your building. Epoxy paint offers maximum durability, so it’s a strong choice for outdoor areas and garages. Or masonry paint which is durable but better for indoor applications like basements.

When you want to transform your concrete from an eyesore to an aesthetic design, trust Local San Diego Painting for expert concrete coatings in San Diego. We have ten years of experience improving our communities with thousands of happy customers.

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Benefits of Painting Concrete

Don’t continue to put up with unappealing, gray concrete when we’re here to help it match your aesthetic. 

The benefits of painting concrete include:

  • Removes dust: In the garage, most of the dust that collects on storage or cars is because of the concrete. During preparation and painting, dust is removed, preventing these particles from continuing to build up.
  • Affordable: Painting is a perfect choice when you need an affordable flooring solution without breaking the bank. Our experts only use high-quality products for a long-lasting solution.
  • Light reflective: Concrete is dull and absorbs light. Paint is reflective, making the space brighter to improve the entire room’s appearance.
  • Moderate floor protection: In areas like the garage or industrial settings, paint can help the concrete become resistant to oil, chemicals, water, and mold. This makes cleanup easy while helping the floor stay beautiful.

Local San Diego Painting is here to help transform your space with expert concrete coating in San Diego. As a family-owned and operated business, there is nothing we care more about than keeping our community beautiful.

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