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Polishing concrete is a flooring solution that works on most types of concrete and offers significant benefits. Chad Flood and the team at Local San Diego Painting provide expert concrete grinding and polishing in San Diego that is long-lasting and low maintenance. We have ten years of experience helping businesses thrive with professionals that pay attention to detail and offer the best customer service.

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How Polished Concrete Benefits Your Business

It’s not only important that you choose the right team, but the strongest product. We are the preferred vendor for Sherwin Williams and Duracoat when your floor needs coatings. 

Here are the commercial advantages of polished concrete:

  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Light reflective
  • Sustainable

Any commercial space is susceptible to high foot traffic and severe wear and tear. Polished concrete is strong against foot traffic, so you don’t have to close down regularly or move displays when you need maintenance. Usually, regular maintenance includes mopping without harsh and harmful chemical cleaners. Polished concrete is also reflective to promote a clean, professional image without excessive lighting.

This affordable and low-maintenance option is the choice of many commercial spaces because it’s long-lasting. It can also help lower costs by reducing lighting requirements. We're the team to call when you need expert concrete grinding and polishing in San Diego.

Diamond Grinding vs. Acid Etching

There are multiple ways to create a smooth surface for the concrete coating your floor needs. However, understanding the differences between diamond grinding and acid etching will help us make the best floor for our customers.

Acid etching is a long process that doesn’t provide the same uniformity as diamond grinding and requires that debris and oil be removed from the concrete separately. These issues increase the likelihood that your concrete coating won’t work for a low-quality solution. At Local San Diego Painting, we only use the highest quality materials for your home.

Diamond grinding is a comprehensive solution that corrects concrete irregularities like divots, pits, and roughness. All of which can affect the strength and longevity of the coating. Diamond grinding offers a reliable, smooth finish to your concrete without reducing its durability. Our expert concrete grinding and polishing in San Diego prepares your business for whatever concrete coating you need with professional preparation.

Preparation is the most critical part of any concrete coating process. Without thorough cleaning and grinding, you’re at a higher risk for improper installation. Coatings can crack, peel, or not seep into the pavement, causing the process to restart completely. Don’t risk another team taking care of your concrete and cutting corners when we have the attention to detail to get it done correctly.

Local San Diego Painting is the team you need when you want to be treated like family. There is nothing more important to us than our community. That’s why we offer discounts for senior citizens, active military, veterans, first responders, and police.

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