Lead is one of the most infamous and ubiquitous toxic heavy metals–it was even honored with  the prestigious “Toxie” award for Lifetime Achievement in Harm. It has been linked to infertility in women, increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, as well as neurological and developmental problems in children.  Take a look at our post on California’s Prop 65  to see some of the unexpected places we’ve found lead. Who’d ever think that diaper rash cream, lunch boxes and electronic cords could have so much in common!
(from CHANGE, Californians for a Healthy & Green Economy)

Do you have a historic San Diego home that could have lead paint issues?

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that any contractor or worker who performs renovation in a pre-1978 apartment, school or facility (including private homes) must be trained and certified in EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP).

Who must be certified to remove lead paint?

Anyone who is paid to perform work that disturbs lead-based paint in homes, child-care facilities, and pre-schools built before 1978. This may include, but is not limited to, residential rental property owners, general contractors, painters, and special trade contractors (such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians).

Start With Prep to Remove Lead Paint

First! Lead law Pamphlets get passed out to neighbors on both sides. This is to notify them of the potential danger of lead paint in the area. In addition, commercial units, if they are within 18’ of the work, are also going to need notification.
Secondly, proper protective clothing must be worn. Full coverall suits with hoods and Lead quality face masks or respirators must be worn. Furthermore, we also wear thick gloves duct-taped to the coveralls and foot booties. These must be worn on site while any lead is exposed. Protective gear is replaced daily and disposed of properly.
If windows are being worked on you must mask off the windows inside to stop any lead debris from entering the home. 

What’s Next?

Mask off the work area out 12 feet or as far as possible. Sometimes areas like small side yards that are really bad are taped off all the way to the roof or gutter in order to encapsulate the work area containing the lead paint. Subsequently, the lead paint chips and debris is captured and keeps them in the work area and not the yard next door. For most projects, masking up the fence with 6 mil plastic works perfectly. The main objective is to catch all lead paint chips or debris being removed from the home.
After the home is fully scraped, the plastic and all the lead paint removed are bundled up and Gooseneck tied in larger contractor bags. After the scrape, we remove any topsoil or mulch where prior lead contaminants may have soiled them.


Now it’s time to power wash. Since we have scraped the home prior to the power wash you should not have any lead paint chips flying off. However, we still mask off the areas with 12 feet of 6 mil plastic. Additionally, we lay long hail bails out where needed to help filter any material removed from the power wash. While the house is still wet or dry, we scrape any loose edges that the moisture from the power wash has caused to lift. Now you’re ready for primer.

Now for the Priming

With a lead law home, we always do a full prime. As a matter of fact, a full primer coat of a high build bonding primer makes sure the house is encapsulated. In addition, the prime ensures that the paint is going to bond in the best way possible. We check and see if the primer has caused any additional paint edges to lift and again scrape them just to make sure that all loose, peeling, or failing paint is removed. Thereafter, we do the final scrape and spot prime any bare areas with Bin. Bin is a shellac alcohol-based primer and dries completely in about 5 minutes on our San Diego heat! The rapid drying creates a surface where no more lifting edges appear.

Additional Steps

After the spot prime, we caulk putty and fill areas needed or appropriate. The white prime makes holes, gaps, and other imperfections stand out allowing us to catch them all. It’s important to make sure the holes repaired are not sanded but instead wiped smooth with a wet sponge or rag. If done at the correct time only the excess material on the top surface will be removed. Spot prime repairs again with the Bin primer to ready for paint. 

Continuing with Lead Paint – Painting a San Diego Home – What’s Next?

Now that the home is fully primed we apply the final coats of finish paint. My recommendation is Durations from Sherwin-Williams
Now that your paint job is finished it is time for the final clean-up. Final clean-up is extremely important.  This is what will help you pass your lead clearance inspection. once fully cleaned, our lead waste will be removed and disposed of correctly to a hazardous waste facility.  
Lead inspections are not easy to pass. They test the soil, concrete, and window sills as well as a visual inspection of the entire property. If the inspector can see a paint chip anywhere, you fail!
All pre-1978 jobs are required to have a lead clearance done. The sad thing is only about 10% of contractors do them. I know this because most clients tell me that other bids they received did not include lead clearance reports in their proposals.

We typically finish by doing the following When it comes to Lead Law compliance:

  • Hepa vac all paint chips on the property
  • Remove the very top layer of soil or mulch, lay new soil or mulch.
  • Wash down concrete or wood floors
  • Clean and wipe down all window sills

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