Wood Refinishing

Garage Doors, Cabinets, Decking, & Banisters

Are you living in San Diego and want a fresh new look for your front door, garage door, wood deck, or cabinets? Wood Refinishing is our specialty!

If so, Local San Diego Painting can help!
Fine finish interior staining is our specialty.

We offer stain matching that is second to none. Oscar, our superintendent, is the stain master! He can match any color or wood finish. No job is out of the question.


Front Door Refinishing

Is your front door looking tired, faded, and dried out? Give your home a fresh new face by refinishing that front door. At Local San Diego Painting we specialize in wood refinishing that gives your front door a fresh look that makes it look brand new again.

Outdoor Deck Stain and Restoration

Outdoor decking adds value to your home but only if it is maintained properly. Decks need a new coat of stain and waterproofing every few years.

Wood RefinishingGarage Door – Staining and Painting

Garage doors are another item that takes a hit from the sun year after year. Give your garage door some love and have it re-stained and then waterproofed. We can also paint your garage door if you want to use color. We are your wood stain specialist San Diego!

Cabinet Staining

At Local San Diego Painting we can even stain cabinets. Do you have white cabinets that you want to look like wood? We can handle that type of faux staining with faux wood knots even on a white door! We have the talent to accomplish any difficult cabinet staining or wood refinishing job.

Banisters and Chair Rails

We love doing banister color changes, chair rail staining or painting, and delicate wood staining. We have lots of experience spraying and brushing varnishes, polyurethane’s, pre cat lacquers, lacquers and epoxy’s. Looking for a wood stain specialist San Diego? Look no further!

We put our clients first by finding out what they really want. Then we provide staining and wood refinishing that is second to none!

Whether you have a residential or commercial wood refinishing project call Local San Diego Painting 619.569.3299